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Mathew Gilliat-Smith is a regular contributor and speaker at industry events. For more information on the following conference panels, forums, interviews and articles please contact

Conference Panels

NAB 2022 Cybersecurity & Content Protection Summit: Mathew Gilliat-Sith hosts panel on: 'Cloud and Application Security for content owners'

DPP Mathew Gilliat-Smith contributor to: ‘The DPP Cyber Security Report’

Global Media & Entertainment Day Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: End to End Security for a Distributed Workforce'

NAB 2019 Cybersecurity and Content Protection Summit. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: Hey you, get off of my cloud’

Content Protection Summit.
LA December 2021. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: Towards a Common Goal'

NAB 2019 Cybersecurity and Content Protection Summit. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: ‘Central Incident Response Systems

CDSA Content Protection Summit LA Are you Ready to Handle a Security Emergency?  Breakout Panel Moderator. London - Dec 2018 

Content Protection Summit MESA Europe - Are you Ready to Handle a Security Emergency? Speaker. London - Nov 2018

Content Protection Summit MESA Europe Tackling the Content Security Challenges Head-On. Panel Moderator (BBC, ITV, Virgin Media Fox). London - Nov 2018

Connected Media IP Panel Debate - Your Risk, Your Reputation - NAB LV 2018 

Avid Connect - Cybersecurity Panel - NAB LV 2018

Content Localisation Work Shop - Protecting Against Fighting Cybercrime - MESA Paris Mar 2018 

Content Protection Summit - Do We Have to Pay the Price? - London Nov 2017

IBC Cyber Security Forum Panel - Taking the Right Steps - IBC Amsterdam 2017

BVE - Content Security Panel - London Mar 2017


M&E JOURNAL - Spring 2022 - 'Is Security Any Different for the Metaverse?'

M&E Journal -  Spring 2021. 'Preparation and Learning From TPN Security Assessments … and COVID-19'

M&E Journal - Winter 2018. Practical Steps to Help Prevent Business Disruption from Data Breaches. Dec 2018 issue

MESA Europe - Highlights from NAB Cybersecurity Summit - May 2018

MESA - Securing Assets in the Era of Disinformation - by Alana Foster Apr 2018

ProSound News - Prevent Entertainment Hacking - by Steve Harvey Apr 2018

MESA Alliance - Balancing Risk, Security for Post-Production Media - NAB 2018

Artisan PR - Cyber Security: The Buck Stops in the Boardroom - Nov 2017

Journal of Digital Media Management - A Perspective of Content Security to Combat Theft - Oct 2015

M&E Journal - Taking the Right Steps to Avoid Cybercrime - Winter 2017-18

IGC Magazine (International Cinematographer) - What Are The Threats? - Aug 2017


Broadcast Beat interview by Lori Amodeo Live - Content Encryption in Pre-Release. NAB 2018


Digital Production Buzz – interview by Larry Jordan. The Importance of Content Security During Production and Post. - NAB Live Apr 2018

Connected Media IP interview by Maria Goldman - Content Security in pre-release - Apr 2018

Post Magazine interview by Post Magazine - Content Security - Apr 2018