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Mathew Gilliat-Smith is a regular contributor and speaker at industry events. For more information on the following conference panels, forums, interviews and articles please contact

Conference Panels

DPP Innovation Week Business Services London. September 2020.  Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents; Securing The Distributed Workforce’

Global Media & Entertainment Day - July 2020. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: “End to End Security for a Distributed Workforce'

NAB 2020 Cybersecurity and Content Protection Summit. May 2020. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: Hey you, get off of my cloud’

Content Protection Summit.
LA December 2019. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: Towards a Common Goal'

NAB 2019 Cybersecurity and Content Protection Summit. Mathew Gilliat-Smith presents: ‘Central Incident Response Systems

CDSA Content Protection Summit LA Are you Ready to Handle a Security Emergency?  Breakout Panel Moderator. London - Dec 2018 


Content Protection Summit MESA Europe - Are you Ready to Handle a Security Emergency? Speaker. London - Nov 2018

Content Protection Summit MESA Europe Tackling the Content Security Challenges Head-On. Panel Moderator (BBC, ITV, Virgin Media Fox). London - Nov 2018


Connected Media IP Panel Debate - Your Risk, Your Reputation - NAB LV 2018 

Avid Connect - Cybersecurity Panel - NAB LV 2018


Content Localisation Work Shop - Protecting Against Fighting Cybercrime - MESA Paris Mar 2018 

Content Protection Summit - Do We Have to Pay the Price? - London Nov 2017

IBC Cyber Security Forum Panel - Taking the Right Steps - IBC Amsterdam 2017

BVE - Content Security Panel - London Mar 2017


M&E Journal -  Spring 2020. 'Preparation and Learning From TPN Security Assessments … and COVID-19'

M&E Journal - Winter 2018. Practical Steps to Help Prevent Business Disruption from Data Breaches. Dec 2018 issue


MESA Europe - Highlights from NAB Cybersecurity Summit - May 2018

MESA - Securing Assets in the Era of Disinformation - by Alana Foster Apr 2018

ProSound News - Prevent Entertainment Hacking - by Steve Harvey Apr 2018

MESA Alliance - Balancing Risk, Security for Post-Production Media - NAB 2018

Artisan PR - Cyber Security: The Buck Stops in the Boardroom - Nov 2017

Journal of Digital Media Management - A Perspective of Content Security to Combat Theft - Oct 2015

M&E Journal - Taking the Right Steps to Avoid Cybercrime - Winter 2017-18

IGC Magazine (International Cinematographer) - What Are The Threats? - Aug 2017


Broadcast Beat interview by Lori Amodeo Live - Content Encryption in Pre-Release. NAB 2018


Digital Production Buzz – interview by Larry Jordan. The Importance of Content Security During Production and Post. - NAB Live Apr 2018

Connected Media IP interview by Maria Goldman - Content Security in pre-release - Apr 2018

Post Magazine interview by Post Magazine - Content Security - Apr 2018